Marketing is an area in business that require any person to put in a lot of thought before implementing any strategy. The main objective is to transform ideas into results that can be measured using creative means. There are various marketing geniuses in the current market. One of them is Paul Adams who is the Global Head of Brand Design at Facebook. He worked previously at Google before transferring to Facebook. Martin Sorrell who is CEO of WPP is another marketing genius. He is the founder of one of the biggest advertisement agencies. Not forgetting Kalle Lasn who is the founder of Adbusters. He is recognised in the marketing field as he managed to be the godfather to an entire political movement.


After mentioning such big names in the marketing industry important to know what made them the great people they are today. some of the traits that any good marketing leader should exhibit are therefore mentioned below


One important trait that any successful market leader should have today is accountability and ownership of revenue. Aside from metrics and revenue orientation any marketing leader should be generate revenue that should be reflected by the amount of sales that actually happens. In order to succeed the marketer should clearly define how the marketing strategy will impact the business so that everyone in the team will be focused to achieve the goal.

Another factor to consider is the ability to adapt to changes that occur in the market. This means that marketing cannot be done the same way in this modern time as done before. As a marking leader, one obligation is to figure out the best way to market the products using the current trends. Furthermore, change in times create new opportunities to make great investments in new areas that might be successful.

As a leader in marketing one should never forget to focus on the customers as they are the center of everything. The customers needs must be stated and put into consideration when making the decisions about various marketing strategies. The members of the company must put their focus on the opportunities and the expectation that arise due to their customers.

One must never forget that nothing can be achieved alone. In order to be the best leader not only is it necessary to work with other but also the ability to choose a highly skilled team is necessary to achieve the goals. This may be the most difficult task for any leader as members chosen must have the required skills and traits that make them good marketers.

Marketing is an endless process that requires focus, good leadership and commitment. However, if any leader in marketing has at least all of the traits mentioned, then they are better placed and can be able to handle some of the obstacles encountered in their path.