You have opened a wedding agency and promoted a great business, but the things aren’t as sweet as you imagined? Sorry to say, but your customers somehow don’t line up and the phone isn’t broken by the orders. In this article, we are going to give you necessary pieces of advice to change the situation for better and make your wedding business profitable. Part of the tips come from our friends at



    • Plan business meetings with your partners beforehand.
    • Hire the staff carefully without any pampering.
    • Create the agency website and download new photos every month.
    • Keep the idea of running a blog about wedding traditions and gifts (
    • Choose excellent romantic venues for every particular event.
    • Consider the question of wedding reception.
    • Organize the exhibition of your wedding saloon.
    • Create a series of seminars for brides.
    • Use alternative methods of advertising to promote your business on both local and national level.
    • Visit the international forums to increase your competence level.
    • Speed is a huge bonus while organizing the wedding. Keep it in your mind.
    • Guarantee the trust of your business to the customers.
    • Create a flexible system of discounts.
    • Cooperate with flower saloons and dressing boutiques.
    • Send thank you note for every past client to show your appreciation.
    • Design an attractive business card.
    • Share the images from your clients on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
    • Make your website SEO-friendly and professional.
    • Introduce DIY projects on your web page to make it complete.
    • Suggest thematic weddings for your customers.
    • Let your wedding website tell the story of personal success.
    • Use individual approach in cooperation with any newly-created couple.
    • Set cooperation with an excellent photographer.
    • Consider visiting Limos & Transportation Firms.
    • Stay positive to make your wedding business flourish.
    • Pat your customers with a little symbolic gift from your company.

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Marketing is evolving constantly – tricks you knew 2 months back could be obsolete, outdated or need quick fixes to make them more relevant to match today’s internet rules. Ecommerce businesses know that to stay on top of their game, they need fresh marketing strategies and keep revamping with new tips to replace the old ones.

Well, you’re reading the right marketing guide as we have charted out a list of the most workable, time-effective marketing strategies that you need to know to take your business to another level.

1. Mobile Optimisation


Don’t make the mistake of ignoring this giant segment of your potential customers – the millenniais. In 2016, mobile marketing could be credited for 50% of all digital sales! That is huge, and to gorge on that slice of pie, you need to take your business to the smartphones and tablets of today. Text messages and mobile-friendly, well-optimised sites are just the beginning steps of mobile marketing.

2. Social Media for Your Business


A refined and continued social media presence is mandatory if you want your business to achieve the zenith of success you’ve always dreamed about. If you don’t have a well-established, constant social media profile, you’re literally losing thousands of bucks; maybe more. The right way of doing this is by building Facebook, Twitter and other known social site profiles and regularly engaging with the readers; holding contests, sharing useful content and tips and offering real value to them to gain their trust and build your brand.
Also, make sure your website is always up-to-date and fault-less.

3. Content Marketing


Pinterest and Instagram are image based social media giants where pictures do all the talking. But content is still very much the King of marketing as nothing beats valuable, interesting, up-to-date content that hooks your reader and doesn’t let go till they hit the ‘buy’ button or subscribe or whatever it is you want them to do.
You build the trust of your customers, brand yourself and achieve a boost in your search engine rankings.

4. SEO is the Name of the Online Game.


Rightly done SEO can be a game-changer for any marketer and his sales and customers. Add videos and gripping visual content like useful infographics and attractive pictures that your customers will love and they’ll linger for longer on your website, leading to more potential sales or sign-ins. Plain text is just boring and makes the reader hit the ‘back’ button pretty quickly.
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In the ever-expanding, ever-changing world of free enterprise, it’s important to have a business plan for your company. Included in that plan should be a solid marketing strategy. It is what moves your product from you to your customer, which is the whole reason for all that you do.

By definition, marketing is the process through which goods and services flow from concept to construction to customer. The way you go about this depends on the kind of business you have, resources available and the overall vision and goals of your company. Regardless of which plan you choose, there are four basic steps in any marketing strategy:

First, comes your Product, without which, there would be no business. At this step, you identify and develop the product according to your own specifications. Product development is an important part of marketing because, often, products are designed around customer needs and desires and then further fine-tuned to more specifically meet those needs.

Once your product is established, you must set a Price for it. It can be tricky to determine, since you have to balance production cost, profit margin and what people would be willing to pay. Moderation in all these areas will help you choose a price that is fair for both you and your customer.

Now that you have a product and a price, it’s time to decide how your product will reach your customer’s Place. Will it be sold through a storefront, mailed through a postal service or sent through a download? Of course, this is largely determined by what kind of product you have, but when there are choices to be made, such as with a postal service, all options should be carefully considered to find what suits you best.


Lastly, a Promotional Strategy must be developed and then implemented. How will you let others know about your product? This can be done through a wide variety of media including advertisements, flyers, word of mouth, blog posts or social media, to name a few. Where will your target audience be most likely to look for and listen to information about your product?
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